FAQs for Spencerport Community Chorus

Is there a cost?   Singers pay $20 for Fall season and $20 for Spring season as membership dues.  ($40/year)

Do you take attendance at rehearsals?   Yes

Where do we sing?  Our two, annual concert weekend performances are produced in Spencerport - we are called the Spencerport Community Chorus, even though we have members from Rochester, Hilton, Greece and other surrounding towns.  We often combine efforts with other choruses at the Greater Rochester Choral Consortium's biennial PRISM Concert in the Eastman Theater.  Each year we sing a benefit concert in the adjacent community of Brockport.  And in July, 2016, we're singing at the Spencerport Canal Days!

Do I need to buy a special performance outfit?  Women wear long-sleeved, white blouses and dark from the waist down - either long skirt or pants. They sometimes wear ties that belong to the Chorus and are issued for concerts.  Men wear long-sleeved, button-down white shirts, black pants and solid ties. SCC owns the ties and will issue you one when you join.  Sometimes at Christmas, the women wear solid, jewel-tone blouses instead of white.  For our informal concerts, we wear a short-sleeved white polo with the SCC logo on it, tucked into blue jeans.  

May teenagers join?  Yes, of course!  

Do we ever perform with other musicians?  Yes!  We are often accompanied by accessory instruments - flute, cello, drum set.  In March, 2017, we will be collaborating with the Brockport Symphony.  

What are rehearsals like?  Vocal and breathing warm-ups, then working on the repertoire.  We discuss Music Theory and note-reading topics through our literature.  We take a ten-minute break mid-way.  Sometimes people bring snacks and beverages for the break, sometimes not.  

May I just visit a rehearsal to see if it's a good fit for me?  Of course, but the sooner you make a commitment, the sooner you will be assigned your own folder of music to personalize with your own helpful markings!

How do I get my music?   You will receive your music binder with all music inside at the first rehearsal preceding each concert season.  You will be assigned a number and it will be in the corner of each piece of music. You return your music after the second concert of concert weekends.

Do we sing a cappella or are we accompanied?  Both. Sally Martin is our accompanist.  

What if I miss a rehearsal because of a vacation?  Please notify our attendance keeper ahead of time.  Lightning bolts do not strike if you miss a rehearsal, but we do expect a high level of commitment to the group.  

May I sit for performances?   Yes, of course!  We want all our musicians to feel comfortable when rehearsing and performing.  

What kind of music do we sing?  A variety of styles - Broadway, classical, Christmas, a little jazz, now and then foreign language, sacred, secular, patriotic.  In December, we sing a Christmas concert.  In the spring, we sing a variety-show style concert. 

 What do audience members have to say?  

     "Last night's (concert) was a beautifully balanced program, I thought, and in addition to the music's being well-performed, it did seem that the group showed a greater vitality -- an almost-palpable energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand -- maybe especially in the African pieces..."   email from audience member

     "What a delightful experience.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be your narrator.  I was overwhelmed by your talent and teaching skills.  You were cheerful, decisive and commanded the choir's attention.  Honestly, they sounded extremely professional and never took their eyes off you."    Gay H. Lenhard, Supervisor, Town of Ogden

Neighbors Jean and Lelo 

Cookie rehearsal helps us form perfect vowels

Two Tenors, Larry and Mike

Accompanist Sally Martin